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Obesity & Nutritional Disorders

The expert team of care providers and healthcare professionals at Diabetes and Metabolic Wellness Center specialize in in the treatment of obesity and nutritional disorders.

Appointments are available in-person at our New Braunfels, TX clinic or virtually via Telehealth for your convenience. Call us today at 830-730-4375 or request an appointment online.

What are Nutritional Disorders?

Nutritional disorders are a lot more common than you may realize. Nutritional disorders occur when your body receives too much, or not enough, of the nutrients it needs resulting in illness or other medical conditions such as malnutrition, anemia, digestion problems, damage to your reproductive health, stunted growth, obesity, and more – all with the ability to cause more severe conditions or diseases. Nutritional disorders can be caused by genetic factors, environmental factors, or lifestyle choices such as the food we do or don’t eat. The experts at Diabetes and Metabolic Wellness Center can help you determine if you have a nutritional disorder, discover how it is affecting your body, and identify the best course of treatment.


Obesity is a common nutritional disorder, but is classified as a complex disease because of its ability to drastically increase your risk of other more sever diseases. Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer. Fortunately, small lifestyle changes such as moderate exercise or a healthier diet can have a huge impact on obesity. Call today or request an appointment online to speak to one of our providers. We will teach you how to combat obesity through nutrition counseling, lifestyle choices, meal planning, and more.

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